Google Announces Google TV

With the news of Google teaming up to make a tablet, they also announced today that they are launching TV software. Like Android, Google will not be making the platform that the software is run on but they will design the software for the hardware to run it. Now that was a mouthful, but simply put Google search will be added to compatible setups. There will be a multitude of features, a good article is over at Gizmodo.


How to Save the World with a Cellphone

With most providers giving free, and most of the time better, cellphones every year with an update to the contract, most people have a few extra cell phones laying around. Sure you could throw them away or sell them to your friends, but why not feel good about yourself and donate them.

How to Save the World with a Cellphone

  1. Wipe all of the memory and take out the SIM card. Most phones have a way to factory reset the phone look at the manual or go online to find out how.
  2. Find all of the accessories for the phone.
  3. Check out the websites these or find a different one online. Cell Phones for Soldiers, Collective Good, Charitable Recycling, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence,and Exphone For UK. There are many more out there, but Cell Phones for Soldiers is my favorite.
  4. Follow the directions on the website.
  5. Send of the phone, lay back, and feel good about yourself.

Yoono Sidebar Review

Below is a review for Yoono Sidebar.


Project Natal Release Date Confirmed

The Xbox 360’s upcoming full body motion controller which was unveiled at last years E3 conference now has a release date. Today with an interview with GamertagRadio, Marketing Manager E&D Microsoft Saudi Syed Bilal Tariq said “It is going to be somewhere in October. We will be in a position to confirm the date at E3, which is in June, but definitely it is going to be October 2010.” Although a price was not released we can look forward to that and more details at this years E3.

Google to Take on Apple… Again

With the release of the Nexus One which rivaled the iPhone successful Google is at it again. The iPad won’t be a one of a kind gadget anymore. Verizon and Google are teaming up to come out with the “Google Tablet.” With both the Sony Courier Tablet and the HP Slate canceled the Google/Verizon tablet could rival the iPad as the only slates of their kinds.

Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds Review

Yesterday, the day before Mothers Day, my brother sister and I went to the jewelry store to get my mom some charms for her charm bracelet. After that we went to Target to get a card. After we picked out a card we looked around and my brother decided to get some Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds. I was exited to get them home and do a review on them.

The packaging was very nice and simple. When he got home he opened it up and in the package their were 3 pairs of ear pieces, these are in ear sound canceling ear buds,there was also a very nice bag. The ear buds are very big, both me and my brother use the smallest size and we are both bigger people.

The sound quality was awesome. I was listening to lots of different kinds of music and I didn’t hear any fuzz at all. There is also a very, very nice sound control slider on the cord leading to the buds. The slider is not big or bulky, it is very streamlined it almost seems that it is part of the cord. Back to the sound quality, I was listening to the ultimate head phone test, the virtual barber, and this was the best quality I have ever heard. All around these are great headphones and I would highly recommend them to any one